Georgetown Fitness Center

Workout Your Way

Looking for a great place to exercise in Williamson County?
Georgetown Fitness Center offers the nicest amenities and
best exercise experience available!


Georgetown Fitness: The #1 Exercise Center in Williamson County

We offer Exercise Classes and Free Workout Space to help you get fit the way you want.


Designed to Suit the Needs of Williamson County.

Georgetown Fitness was created to offer a comfortable, private space for people to exercise the way they want. We are open 95 hours a week and offer a variety of classes as well as a suite of some of the finest exercise equipment available.


Engaging Classes: Guided Exercise to Keep You Fit

Georgetown Fitness offers a wealth of classes to keep you fit and guide you through the exercises you love. We also offer private sessions with trainers, for those who want a more intense or customized experience.


Professional Training

Want to develop a custom exercise program? Work with one of our many trainers to build your perfect fitness regimen.

Weightlifting Classes

Want to sculpt your muscles? Our instructors can help you tone your body and get into the shape you’ve always wanted.

Super Spin Classes

Help your heart and get your body in shape with our spin classes. Our instructors can help you stay fit while having fun.

There are So Many Things to Love About Our Gym!

  • Convenient Location

  • Friendly Staff

  • Private Training

  • Fitness Classes

  • Great Trainers

  •  High-Quality Equipment


Customer Thoughts: Our Clientele Love Us!

We work hard to create a comfortable, convenient environment for our customers. And it shows – our clients have nothing but nice things to say about Georgetown Fitness! And you don’t have to take our word for it.

“I Highly Recommend Joining”

“I joined a “team fitness” group after I received a diagnosis on my low back this past fall. With an emphasis on core strengthening, functional training, and efficient interval cardio training, I have less back pain and have improved my overall fitness level.This class has helped me advance my personal fitness and kept me “in the game” with my recreational sports. I highly recommend joining a team fitness group. ”
- Paul Berg, MD

I love working out here – it’s low stress, quiet and always clean!
John Grimshaw, Round Rock
After I hurt my back, working out was stressful and often a challenge. But Georgetown Fitness offers a comfortable place for me to get my strength back.
James Enis, Georgetown
This is the only place I feel comfortable working out in Williamson County. It’s a comfortable environment where I can work out at my own pace and get the instruction I need. I recommend Georgetown Fitness to everyone I know!
Tammy Knight, Georgetown