Melanie Daly

Drawing on decades of experience in extensive personal training and nutrition programming.

Melanie can take anyone from frumpy to extremely fit, from overweight to outstanding, and from already-fit to even more fabulous.
As an accomplished Pro Physique and Pro Figure athlete, as well as a Certified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer, Melanie walks her talk in the living lean lifestyle and can teach you to do the same.
Clients come to Melanie with a variety of fitness backgrounds -- from pro bodybuilders to novice weight trainers, from age-group athletes to Moms & Dads who have never spent much time in the gym, and everyone in-between.
Everyone receives the same super-charged, individualized attention given to each of her clients, tailored to meet their unique needs.
Whatever your fitness goals may be, Melanie will guide you in your transformation through solid training, coaching, and nutrition, ensuring you will walk away with riveting results, every time.

Success Coach
PN L2 Master Nutritionist
Personal Trainer
NFF Physique Pro
PNBA Figure Pro
(512) 296-5883

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