Mick Hawton

"The essence of "personal" training is helping people become their best self, to become who they desire, this is one of the great adventures in life. I love training because I love helping people live their adventure!"

My passion for being strong and healthy began at an early age. Like some other people I have known over the years, I built my first 'weight' set when I was 11 years old. Since that time, I have not missed a scheduled workout in over 30 years because I simply love exercise, fitness and challenging myself.

Nowadays, instead of training for size, definition and strength I train to go on adventures alone or with family, friends and church youth groups. Backpacking in the Beartooth Mountains in Wyoming, cycling 400 miles across Minnesota, canoeing the Minnesota and Missisippi rivers, 4x4ing in Colorado, Utah and Minnesota and in 2017 hiking the 480+ mile Colorado Trail with my daughter. I love ADVENTURES but they can be very demanding physically and mentally.

These experiences, and many others, help me understand that what happens in the gym needs to translate to real life. It also drives me to help my clients to live their adventure. Whatever the adventure is, no matter how small or big it is my opportunity to help you LIVE it!

I have held different training certifications over the years but I believe the ACSM certification is one of the most clinical and demanding, which is why I am completing and maintaining this certification.

It has been my pleasure to work with all age groups and experience levels from beginner to advanced athletes, from youth to seniors, and everything in between.

Contact me when you want to take the next step to live out your next ADVENTURE! I look forward to helping you.

(612) 636-4836

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